New Classes!

Wow, thanks Deer Lodge for coming out last night for our Information and Registration meeting! I was so happy to meet everyone! Because of the results of registration we have a few changes to the classes and times. We have opened a boys only class! Our Dragon Tumblers will have Thursday class from 4-4:50pm. We have combined a few of the older classes resulting in the Velocity Tumbling and Velocity Cheerleading classes to both be Thursday 5-5:50pm. REGISTRATION WILL BE OPEN FOR TWO MORE WEEKS. If you have friends that missed it let them know and we can still add them. Remember, classes start today! See you soon!

2 Responses to “New Classes!”

  1. Hey there,

    What is the maximum number of kids you are having in a class? Just curious on a shy son I have and didn’t want to overwhelm him. I knew the minimum was 8-10….just curious on the max/teacher:student ratio.

  2. I am capping my classes at 15 kids. After that I will open a new class if there are enoughkids to continue. RIght now I have a boys only class from 4-4:50 on Thursdays. There are currently 7 boys in that class with an average age of 7. THere are two other boys in the class who are quite shy, but by the time class was over they were running and laughing with everyone else. We stay active and have lots of fun so it’s great for breaking out little shy guys. If your interested send him our way on Thursday!