Costume Ordering

Sorry about the lag in updates lately! My computer has been on the fritz. So this month we have been progressing through our handstands, bridges, and flexibility. Thanks to a great article in the paper we have had more registrations and I would like to welcome our new tumblers. I am excited to have you! January will be the last month for open registration so that we can progress with our recital in early June; because of all the new registration we probably won’t be able to perform at basketball halftimes this year. Time is coming to order our costumes which we are going to keep fairly simple this year to reduce cost. Please be prepared to pay around $45 in the next two weeks or so for each child’s costume.
I am considering opening daytime playgroups and adult exercise classes. If there is any interest in these options please let me know so that we can plan them by February. Happy tumbling!

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