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Fall Registration 2013

Fall registration is now open! Classes start Sept 10th and will run through December. Class times are posted on the Classes page and if you are new to Velocity you can fill out a registration form here. If you are a regular please do not fill out a new registration form since you are already in our system; just let us know which classes to reregister you for by emailing or messaging me on Facebook. Find us on Facebook to get all the current updates, announcements, and classes or to ask any questions you may have. Some ages have changed this year (we are accepting older students) so please take note of the new class lists.
Winter session registration rolls over from Fall Session, so if you don’t want your child in tumbling after Christmas please inform me in writing so I don’t save an empty spot. Winter session will be different from last year because we will be taking all of January off. Classes will resume February 4th at the same day and time as fall classes and will continue through the end of May. We will be having a recital either the end of may or first of June.
I will have an additional class available for Winter Session: Performance Jazz/Modern for ages 10-18yrs. This is a dance class for the older age group that will focus on one or two dance pieces for the recital. So spread the word to the dancers in town–we need you at Velocity! See you at the studio!